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Death In The Morning

1 shot of Amerique Absinthe Rouge or Verte

1/2 shot of St. George Rye Gin

3/4 glass of a good Spanish Cava

½ shot of Royal Rose Tamarind Syrup

1 Medicine dropper of Bitter End Mexican Mole’ Bitters

Clementine twirl

Juice of 1 charred Clementine (cut a peeled Clementine in half and char until crunchy and browned on a cast iron pan, then juice)


To a cocktail shaker add ½ ice, then the Rye (Gin) then the Absinthe. Add the syrup and the charred Clementine juice.  Add one medicine dropper of the Mexican Mole’ Bitters.  Shake until frosty.  Pour into a tall champagne flute.  Top with Cava, twirl in the Clementine twirl.  Try not to have more than 3. 

cr. Warren Bobrow




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