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A sparkling, sweet, and citrus-y extravaganza! 
Savory, sweet, and sour

This makes 2-3 cocktails.

 It's everyone's favorite cocktail ... served with a side of ribs!
 The heat of Cuba

 Never bring a knife to a gunfight.
 It's rummy. Get it?

 I call this drink the liquid hot apple pie cocktail. It’s got no apple in the mix- but after three or more of them it won’t matter much. 
 Winner of the USBG Atlanta Bar Craft competition. Great work, Tyler!

Mole flavors and papaya in a sweet and spicy cocktail!
A complex and refreshing cocktail

 What looks like a cosmo but tastes way better?
 A little bit of smokiness in a classic drink

 A refreshing twist on the Tom Collins.
 Imagine riding in a sidecar down historic Route 66, spicy cocktail in hand. What was that? All your cares flying away.

 Lagniappe for your beverage, cher.

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